Roscoe’s Day At The Dentist

Roscoe arrives at the hospital around 8am and hasn’t been fed since the night before. Roscoe will be undergoing anesthesia for his dental procedure.

A woman brushing dog's teeth

Roscoe’s Day At The Dentist

Roscoe is not happy about missing breakfast, but he will be excited that we make his smile shine. We’ll perform a complete physical exam and take some blood to run tests that will alert us to any health concerns.

Roscoe’s test results show he is healthy for the procedure. It’s now time to anesthetize him.

Roscoe can sleep now while we do all the work. First we take dental x-rays and perform a close oral examination.

Roscoe then has his teeth cleaned, scaled and polished. He recovers well from anesthesia while a veterinary nurse monitors his progress and keeps him comfortable until his owner arrives.

Before Roscoe goes home, the nurse reviews care instructions with Roscoe’s owner to ensure Roscoe does well at home.